Marketing consultant Brian Glow has a proven presales-training session that has been the difference between a successful sales meeting or trade show and total disaster. This free session with a $2,500.00 value is a complimentary seminar, which Brian teaches on site at your business well before the event.

With over 500 trade shows and thousands of sales meetings Brian has identified the many do’s and don’ts of a successful event. His fun-filled training session and power point presentation will leave your audience with new insights and abilities. They will now have even more of a competitive advantage for your next corporate event.

Team building should not only be fun but also deliver bottom line value to your business issues. Building an effective team requires you to sometimes break away from the day-to-day pressures of a rapidly changing business environment. Brian Glow works with you to assess the degree that your team is in sync with your corporate culture, values and ongoing projects in exciting and amazing seminars.

By fine-tuning your team’s ability to communicate and work together in a fun and novel way, Brian will ensure that all team members have clear sense of their roles and fulfilling your companies vision and mission.

Brian’s experience in over 500 trade shows and thousands of sales meetings has given him the unique ability to boil down the essential aspects of your product or service, melding the unique advantages into a powerful psychologically driven script with his hysterically funny magic containing your sales message.

Brian hones the specific details of your products or services in to a fine-tuned sales message guaranteed to ensure that viewers will remember your booth, product, service or event long after they have witnessed his presentation.

Brian Glow garners mass amounts of media attention due to his outrageously creative publicity stunts utilizing magic and illusions. He is well known for baffling the imagination. From producing everything from mid air death defying escapes to the amazing magical appearance of your companies products in an inexplicable manner.

Sparking the imagination of clients and attendees, his original and off the wall publicity events not only gather thousands of spectators but appeals to all forms of media including; internet, television, radio, magazines, blogs, photo-journalism etc.

Using a well-crafted media attack, combining print and online materials, Brian works with your company, organization or publicist to alert the media. With an onslaught of promotional information, every media outlet will hear of and promote the event. This includes interviews and personal appearances to help bolster the event.

Keep the excitement of your event rolling at a breakneck speed utilizing the magic and comedic talents of Brian Glow as the emcee. During your corporate event the smooth transition between elements is essential, that if not done professionally can ruin what might be a wonderful awards banquet or speakers event. Using Brian Glow’s hysterically funny, expert toastmasters experience will ensure a smooth continuity of your important ceremonies.

In the incredibly competitive nature of the trade show floor, the hospitality suite is the oasis where the real business gets done, it’s a chance for the client and sales professional to meet over a drink and talk about the clients needs.

Brian Glow’s essential role in the hospitality suite is to act as the grease between the moving parts. Floating from client to client entertaining them with hysterically funny intimate close-up magic. Brian injects a little brand humor easing the way for your sales people to build relationships making the evening a true success.

During trade shows, conferences and sales meeting memorability is the key to success, Brian Glow can custom design relevant magical trick give-ways that will ensure that your booth, product or event is never forgotten. Imagine having something as unique as a magic trick that your attendees love to perform for there next clients, which incorporates your name, website or brand. This will indelibly stick in their minds far beyond the usual mindless stuff that is generally given out and usually thrown away.

Each event that Brian Glow performs worldwide has the ability to be completely customized to the client’s specific needs. Whether your sector is technology, mining, teaching, agriculture, software etc., Brian combines his hysterically funny magic and illusions with your companies theme, message or product and can even utilize VIP’s within the show. From good humored knocking the competition to internal in-house humor, Brian links his magic and presentations to intensely personalize his show with your event. Brian Glow has become the pre-eminent corporate magician because he always engages the spectators with audience participation, where no one is EVER embarrassed. They are in fact the heroes of the show.

Brian Glow Corporate Event Entertainment Solutions

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“Your Corporate Event Entertainment Should Be Exciting and Memorable!”



Your next Association and Sales meetings can SIZZLE with hysterical audience participation guaranteed to make your message memorable and motivational.


Magically introduce VIPS, keynote speakers and award winners in a puff of smoke or from an empty product box, elevating their presentations to new heights.


Captivate your attendees and sales team, making your message unforgettable with a custom blend of magic and humour, creating team-building with a sense of wonder and intrigue.


World renowned corporate event entertainment magician, Brian Glow has performed at literally thousands of corporate Events world-wide and entertaining millions with his TV specials.


You can now visit our new and improved website for all your Corporate Event Entertainment needs.



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What People Say

“Brian Glow had so many people at our trade show booth that we ran out of our companies magic trick give aways.”

Fred Whitehouse


“Corporate magicians and entertainers world wide, have hailed Brian Glow’s illusions for corporate exhibits both creative and original.”

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