Hysterical Comedy Magic And Mind Reading That Will Leave Your Audiences Laughing All The Way Home!

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Your audience will be falling over in laughter as International Illusionist and Comedy Magician Brian Glow weaves his spell of Ultra-Clean Humor and Audience Participation guaranteed to make your [as what='field1' default='event'] unforgettable!

Brian brings his experience of over 40 years performing at University, College, Casino and Corporate events world-wide to make sure your [as what='field1' default='event'] is the most fun you've ever had!

Your Students Become The Stars Of The Show

Brian integrates your guests fully into the show. Everyone who participates on stage with Brian is treated with the utmost respect and ends up looking like a HERO!

Imagine the reactions from your audience when one of their own participates in helping to magically produce the president of your institution or is levitated in mid-air! NOW that is how you create great memories!

Customizing your show is what has made Brian Glow unique amongst other entertainers !

Our entertainment packages all include...

  • A Fast paced hysterically funny show which audiences remember long after the show is finished!
  • A customized presentation that is unique to your campus!
  • Tons of clean, fun audience participation that involves your entire group!
  • Working one on one with you to incorporate any theme you are using as part of the show!
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The Absolute Best [as what='field1' default='Event'] Solution You Will Ever Have!

Brian Glow is a professional Illusionist and Comedy Magician who specializes in helping make your [as what='field1' default='event'] memorable and fun. His clients include Colleges and Universities, Casinos and Corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Ford and many, many more!

Brian Glow has performed internationally for decades and has an entertainment package to fit your budget.

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5 Reasons You Should Have Brian Glow At Your Next Event!

Sure there are a lot of good entertainers out there BUT none of them even come close to offering such total entertainment packages. Check it out for yourself!


You’ll be thrilled as you hear your audience scream with laughter and see all the smiles during Brian’s ultra-clean and extremely funny illusions. It's a show where your students, faculty and guests are the stars of the evening and will remember your [as what='field1' default='event'] long after they leave!

"Brian has a way of involving everyone in the room into his act, with friendly humour and enthusiasm. The audiences for his shows are always left mystified"

Linda Tooley, Bowering International Group Inc.

More Audience Participation Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

Do you have some important people you want to make sure Brian includes in the show?

No problem!

Your guests are the real stars of the show! Everyone participating is treated royally and with complete respect .

With the experience of performing over 7000 shows in over 40 countries, Brian has mastered the art of fun using his audience as part of his incredibly funny show!

Brian can even make the President, Dean or any VIP magically appear, or even float an audience member in mid-air!

“You posses the ability to make people laugh while involving them in your act”

Bill Boulton, Fun In The Sun Committee

Unbelievable Magic and Mind-Reading!

Is it...

Mind Reading, Psychic Phenomena, Magic... Or Just a Lot of Funny Cool Stuff!

Brian has many different shows to offer including his award-winning show "MindBender", his comedy psychic mind-reading show.

With the popularity of television shows such as The Mentalist, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Paranormal State and Lie to Me, there's a huge interest in this form of entertainment. But if you know Brian Glow, its all about the FUN!

From the hysterical opening piece where someone in the audience tries to win a $100 from him, to the heart-pounding Death-Defying finalé where...


(Hey, we're not giving the ending away - You'll just have to book the show and see!)

"Even after you see his show, you won’t believe it! You will be left scratching your head and feeling fortunate that he only uses his powers for good!"

Fred Whitehouse, Ezedia

Fully Customized Presentations!

These are NOT “off the shelf” shows!

Based on our conversations and your answers to a client questionnaire, Brian will create a unique show for your [as what='field1' default='University or College']. This is a super important benefit! People will enjoy the show and remember it long after, because the presentation was created especially for them.

“The fact that you created and adapted illusion that fit with the audience exemplified your professionalism and attention to detail”

Eileen Ewanchuk, Canadian Home Builders Association

"Ice Breaker" Magic Tricks!

Brian’s entertainment packages can optionally include customized give-away magic tricks, with your University or College’s Logo, for you to hand-out to all your students. The cost  is minuscule and everyone gets to take home something unique to remember your event!


By having your guests interact with each of these fun magic tricks at the event, it becomes a great ice breaker for the day or evening! Your guests will not only have a great time learning and performing the simple magic tricks for each other, but will use them long after to entertain other friends who missed the show. What a great way to get your Institution's name, logo or web site out there!

“Brian, those little magic tricks that everyone had at their table was the greatest start to a party we have ever had. The problem is we don't know how to top it.

Linda Saxe, Amazing Party Planners LLC (UK)

Discover How Brian Glow’s Customized Programs Of Comedy, Magic, Mind-Reading and Audience Participation Will Make Your Institutes' Event Amazingly Successful, Entertaining, Fun and Make You Look Great... GUARANTEED!!!

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