10 things you have to do at your next trade show

10 Things You Have To Do At Your Next Trade Show

If you’re headed to a trade show this year, you’ll want to get the most out of your time and money.  That means planning and of course making the right decisions.  Throwing money at things that don’t matter is a certain pathway to trade show failure.

With that in mind, here are 10 things you must do for your next event.

1.  Register early, save money

The first step is get motivated to plan ahead and commit to early registration.  You’ll not only save money but you’ll also be able to begin generating buzz immediately.

2.  Practice “extreme planning” before the show

Don’t wait until the last minute to realize you’re going to need bar stools or an ID scanner at the show.  The last thing you want to do is have to pay extra to rush-ship essential items you forgot to bring with you or have shipped ahead of time.

3.  Stay at the hotel associated with the show

This is not where to scrimp and save money.  By staying at an off-site hotel across town, you’re missing out on endless networking opportunities in the hotel lounge, at breakfast, the elevator, the fitness center…wherever!

4.  Break the mold

Companies love to be innovative, so it’s puzzling to see so many using the same old strategy year after year at trade shows.  Whether you’re aiming for brand awareness or launching a new product or you just want traffic at your booth, get creative.

One of the best ways to do this is to hire an entertainer.  This will dramatically increase traffic at your booth!  Brian Glow is known for his trade show entertainment, which always draws a crowd so you can get in there and generate leads.

He creates original illusions, does mind reading, and gets the crowd laughing hysterically.  And most importantly, Brain will act as megaphone for your message, your brand, or your product as he entertains the crowd that gathers at your booth.

Remember, it’s not the biggest booth that wins, it’s the amount of buzz you create.

trade show booth entertainment

5.  Reinforce your trade show appearance with social media

Finally something really exciting to post on your company’s social media accounts.  Before the show, take advantage of the platforms to send out marketing messages around what you’ll be showcasing at the trade show.

During the show, it’s the perfect time to post live updates from the show.  Even better is if you’ve gone all out and hired a trade show entertainer for your booth.  Imagine posting pictures of your company’s exciting show (like the ones created by Brian Glow, for example).  Endless opportunity!

6.  Track marketing impressions

There’s no use attending trade shows if you have no idea whether they’re worth it or not.

Track Everything:

  • Eyes on the booth
  • Conversations
  • Leads, etc.

7.  Forget the bowl of chocolates or mints: aim higher

Some companies put out a bowl of treats to entice people to stop at their booth.  If you really mean business, aim higher like the big brands do.

What the big companies do is offer entertainment, guaranteeing traffic.  People learn about your product or brand through an interactive, exciting presentation created by a professional event entertainer.

Why not follow the lead of IBM, Apple, HP and Coca Cola and hire a magician?

The good ones will create a highly memorable show incorporating your product or message.  One of the best is Brian Glow (from Winnipeg), who’s created customized magic shows for those big brands, as well as Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, Ford and many more.

8.  For new-product launches, showiness is key

You should have a goal in mind for each trade show you attend.  For networking, it’s important to schedule time away from your booth so you can walk around and meet people.  It’s also important to have a booth that’s conducive to conversation.  Some bar stools, an open floor plan, and lots of staff to answer questions are a good start.

But if your goal is to spotlight a new product then you want to make a big splash.  Videos are OK, but they have to be short or nobody will watch them. Plus, everyone has videos nowadays.

To make a big impression, hire a trade show entertainer.  Brian Glow is a master at promoting new products through his highly captivating magic show presentations.  Whether it’s by attracting a crowd at your booth or roaming the floor with more personalized entertainment, everyone will know about your new product.

9.  Ditto if your goal is brand awareness

Perhaps even more so, a trade show entertainer is essential if you want to get your brand out there.  Be sure to choose one who will incorporate your brand message into the entertainment.  Again, Brian Glow can spread the word about your brand.

Brian not only does presentations but more importantly he can also circulate among the crowd, entertaining people with close-up magic.  And of course your brand is worked in!

10.  Be ready with an effective follow-up plan for leads

Don’t let the momentum stop once you’ve returned home from the trade show.  Reach out to your new contacts immediately and thank them for their interest, their conversation, or just for stopping by to see the show.  If you’ve done everything on this list so far, you’ll have a lot of follow-up work to do with all the leads you now have!

trade show booth entertainment